As the fly cards are delivered in electronic format and the printing of them is up to the user, no shipment costs are applied. Therefore there's no need for the user to deliver back the fly card in order to apply for a refund.

Getting a Fly Card refund

You will be eligible for a refund only if you cancel your Fly Card at most 7 days before the begin date written on the Fly Card itself.

Refunds can only be assessed and processed by the "Vivere il Grappa" office team. To obtain a refund, you will need to send your request to Consorzio Turistico "Vivere il Grappa", e-mail, and ask them if your Fly Card is eligible for a refund. In order to make it easy for the operator the processing of your request, you're invited to attach the electronic Fly Card to the e-mail, or at least the Fly Card number, toghether with your account e-mail address.

How long with my refund take to process?

Refunds typically take up to 2 weeks to process but can take up to 4 weeks.